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Ceramics Gallery

A few examples of my work. For items for sale, check out my Etsy shop! Contact me about shipping items outside of the US!

This cute little teapot was wood fired in 2021 in Swanville. Wood fired pottery takes an awful lot of extra effort and appeals to a more specialized crowd that I am definitely a part of.

This little shino mug with a spiral handle and mushrooms growing out the side is the result of everything going right during a wood firing.

A bonsai planter with upraised mountains, complete with holes for mounting training wires. This one is Shonin sized.

You can almost hear the waves crash.

For making some interesting tea

Perfect for dried mushrooms!

An urn with a little bonsai on the lid.

Inkwells! Perfect for illumination or calligraphy, Wood fired.

Mushroom mug!

Dragon face vases



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