I've been painting and doing pottery since the early 2000's. My preferred medium is oil, though I do frequently incorporate acrylics into my work. I've always been fascinated with light and lighting, so it's no surprise my paintings are heavily influenced by the Luminists, including Thomas Cole, Martin Johnson Heade, Albert Bierstadt, and Alfred Thompson Bricher, as well as their European Impressionist counterparts.

I reside in Maine, a quick drive South of the Hudson River area that shaped much of their work and continue to draw inspiration from this gorgeous area. I know I've made a successful piece when its internal glow changes to suit the lighting in whatever room it's placed.

Most of my body of work reflects my travels through the United States, Canada and Mexico, though some of it drawn from dreams and fantasy. My favorite subjects include sunsets, sunrises, water, and dragons.

I feel like an abode isn't really a home until it has some art on its walls. A little window into a sunset frozen forever in time can make even the most sterile environment feel warm and familiar.

My other interests include Karate, growing carnivorous plants, creating aquariums and terrariums, hunting for gourmet mushrooms, leather work, wishing I had more time to participate in the SCA, astronomy, and waiting for warmer weather. I live with three sugar gliders, an oscar and three hermit crabs.